Spycat goes to India!

CIKFF 2013 Poster


Spycat will be presented at the 7th International Chinh India Kids Film Festival & Forum (9 – 14 Nov 2013) in New Delhi, India.  

If you’re in New Delhi, you’ll be able to catch Spycat  in the festival programme Animation Category along with seven other animated films. Here are the screening details:

Animation Category
SVISG CHINH Media Village
Sunday, 10 Nov 2013

In related news, Spycat was mentioned in The Indian Express ahead of the event! Check out the article below!

No Kid Affair
Published November 7, 2013

On a lighter vein, a short animation from Singapore titled Spycat and the Paper Chase, follows the adventures of Spycat as he hunts down Captain Chico, resulting in an ultimate showdown between a cat and a dog.

No Kid Affair

You can visit the Chinh India website here for more details on the event.

P.S. India is the 31st country that Spycat has been to!


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