Catch Spycat at YOUKI 14!

Spycat will be showing (and competing!) at the YOUKI 14 International Youth Media Festival in Wels, Austria!

The festival’s ‘International Film Competition’ showcases outstanding short films (up to 20 minutes) from directors aged 10 to 26. Out of about 500 competition-submissions, YOUKI annually screens about 70 films from every continent. It therefore is Austria’s biggest up-and-coming media festival with international focus.

YOUKI 14 takes place from 20 to 24 November 2012, just after our screening in Vienna with Anilogue 2012!

We love the alternative synopsis that YOUKI 14 has written for us! Check it out below in German and English.

Die faulste Katze der Welt: immer am Schlafen, immer am Fressen. Denkste! Nachts sieht alles anders aus. Da hat Spycat nämlich alle Pfoten voll zu tun, die Welt vor Superschurken und fiesen Bösewichten zu schützen – zum Beispiel vor Captain Chico, der wieder einmal drauf und dran ist, die Papiervorräte der Erde zu vernichten. Klar ist so ein Doppelleben anstrengend. Pünktlich um 7 muss der Gegner schließlich erledigt sein, rechtzeitig bevor Ashley aufwacht. Godzilla, Spacebook, Mr. T – dieser Animationsfilm hat’s wahrlich in sich.

The most lazy cat on earth: always asleep or eating. Yeah, right! At night everything is different. It’s then that Spycat has more than enough to do, trying to protect the world from bad guys – like Captain Chico, who plans to destroy the world’s supply of paper. Of course leading this double life can get tiring, and the bad guys have to stopped before 7, when Ashley gets up. Godzilla, Spacebook, Mr. T – this animation is more than you can handle.

Spycat has been scheduled for Competition Program 5. Here are the screening details…

International Competition 5
Alter Schlachthof Wels
Wednesday, 21 Nov 2012

To check out the YOUKI 14 website, click here.
To view the YOUKI 14 program, click here.


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