Spycat goes to Romania!

October is just abuzz with Spycat activity!

We’re headed to Bucharest, Romania for the Kinofest International Digital Film Festival 2012, which happens 26 – 28 Oct 2012.

Kinofest is the first and most important digital film festival in Romania, since 2007, and one of the most significant in the Central-East Europe.

Spycat is in competition for the Best Animation prize and can be seen in the festival programme ANIMATION Competition 3 (Competiţie ANIMAŢIE 3).

ANIMATION Competition 3 (Competiţie ANIMAŢIE 3)

Cinema Europa
Saturday, 27 Oct 2012
20:25 – 22:10

Bastilia Attic
(Mansarda Bastilia)
Sunday, 28 Oct 2012
20:45 – 21:30


Check out the Kinofest 2012 trailer below, which features shots from Spycat !


Last but not least, here’s the Spycat synopsis in yet another language… Romanian!

Spycat îl urmăreşte pe Capitanul Chico, care vrea să distrugă toate produsele de hârtie din lume. Astfel, pisica ajunge în coloratul Tokio si apoi pe nava Căpitanului, unde are loc lupta finală câine-pisică.

For more information on Kinofest 2012, you can go here.


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