See Spycat at Animanima 2012!

Spycat and the Paper Chase will be making an appearance at this year’s Animanima International Animation Festival in Čačak, Serbia! We’re taking part in the Films for Children Competition.

Here are the details of our screening:

Films for Children Competition 01
Cultural Centre Čačak
Friday, 7 September 2012

And over here we have the Animanima 2012 trailer!


It’s been really cool to see Spycat translated or subtitled into other languages. And now, for your pleasure, we present the Spycat synopsis in Serbian, courtesy of the awesome people behind Animanima 2012.


Mačak Špijun lovi Kapetana Čika, čiji je najnoviji plan da ukrade svaki proizvod od papira u svetu. Zadatak vodi Mačka u živopisni Tokio, a onda i na avion Kapeta Čika gde će se odigrati drevna borba između mačke i psa.

Stay tuned for more Spycat news coming your way!


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