Spycat: Behind the Scenes! Week 2

It’s Week 2 of our Spycat retrospective! If you’ve just joined us, you can play catch-up by checking out the first post in this series, entitled Spycat’s 1st Anniversary.

It’s been tiring sifting through over 144,000 images, videos and documents, but here we are with more to share! This time, we’re exhibiting developmental art for sets and props featured in Spycat and the Paper Chase.

This colour script was created during the storyboarding phase to give us a tangible preview of how the final film would look like. We eventually opted for a brighter and more colourful palette that would appeal to a younger audience. Art by Fung Chun Hong.

Apart from colour scripts, collage was used to create early visualisations for sets. This piece depicts Ashley’s bedroom. Art by Darren Lim.

This collage envisions Spycat’s underground lair to be far more expansive than the one featured in the final film. Art by Darren Lim.

Concept art for a night assault on Captain Chico’s airship. Art by Derwin Silmaya Suhali.

A grittier imagining of Captain Chico’s engine room using warm metallic tones. Art by Darren Lim.

If you’ve seen Spycat and the Paper Chase, you’ll recognise this as Captain Chico’s engine room. In this preliminary illustration, papers are arranged in relatively neat towers and vertical banners flank both sides of the main console. Art by Derwin Silamaya Suhali.

Spycat relies on his Catjet to travel around the world! This preliminary design is somewhat inspired by a handheld vacuum cleaner. Art by Soh Yu Xian.

Here are some quick renditions of the Catjet, with design elements that are inspired by feline features and conventional aircraft. Art by Soh Yu Xian.

An array of silhouette thumbnails for the Catjet. Apart from the cat-inspired designs, there are fish-inspired ones as well which, according to the artist, reference a cat’s love of fish. Go figure! Art by Derwin Silamaya Suhali.

We’re getting close to the final Catjet design! Here, the chosen silhouette thumbnail is fleshed out into something more substantial. Art by Derwin Silamaya Suhali.

Different views of the final Catjet model. Wanna take a ride? Art by Derwin Silamaya Suhali.

Spycat poses with the Catjet! This image is currently featured in NTU ADM’s Academic Year 2012/2013 posters and undergraduate prospectus . For the uninitiated, that’s the School of Art, Design & Media at Nanyang Technological University, where Spycat was created. Art by Derwin Silamaya Suhali.

A mock-up for Captain Chico’s airship which really puts the ‘ship’ in ‘airship’! The pirate ship body and dog’s skull figurehead were ultimately discarded, but design elements like the propeller and glass dome were retained for the final airship model. Art by Darren Lim.

The penultimate design for Captain Chico’s airship features a golden dog’s skull on the envelope. It was finally changed to the current white one which adhered more closely to the film’s art style. Art by Derwin Silamaya Suhali and Soh Yu Xian.

We used size comparison charts such as this one to ensure that props and characters are at fixed proportions to one another. The numbers represent the scale factor to be applied on the Autodesk Maya models. Art by Derwin Silamaya Suhali.

The Catplunger is probably the most important weapon in Spycat’s arsenal. Art by Derwin Silamaya Suhali.

Need a weapon? How about picking up a ‘Remote Jell-Bumb’ or a ‘Practical Imploder’? If these don’t satisfy you, then the epically-named ‘The Sniperist of Gunshooters’ might just be up your alley! Art by Derwin Silamaya Suhali.

These are the two spy gadgets used by Spycat in the film. Say hello to the Catplunger and the Catoculars! Art by Derwin Silamaya Suhali.

We’ll be showing animatics next week! So mark your calendars and stay tuned!


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