Spycat’s 1st Anniversary!

How time flies! It’s been exactly one year since Spycat and the Paper Chase premiered in Singapore at the FilmGarde Cineplex Iluma, which has since been renamed Filmgarde Bugis+.

In the past year, Spycat has entertained audiences in China, Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Greece, Australia and our home country of Singapore! We look forward to bringing Spycat to more countries and film festivals in the coming year.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the Spycat fans out there, especially those who have supported us since day one. Thank you!

To commemorate this occasion, we’ll be posting never-before-seen images and footage from Spycat‘s preproduction and production stages, starting from today and on the following three Wednesdays (that’s 13 June 2012, 20 June 2012, 27 June 2012 and 4 July 2012).

Without further ado, here’s Week 1’s collection of character designs and model sheets from the Spycat vaults. Enjoy!

If you ever wondered what Spycat would look like wearing blue camouflage pants, wonder no more. Art by Darren Lim.

Different designs and colour schemes for Spycat’s uniform. We were very fond of the Tron-inspired ones at the bottom row, but we decided against them eventually. Art by Soh Yu Xian.

These early character designs are very different from their final versions! Here, Captain Chico is a well-heeled bulldog with an onigiri-shaped head, while Spycat is a scowling gray cat. Art by Soh Yu Xian.

In this early character exploration, Captain Chico’s been imagined as a sea captain that is half-Goldfinger, half-Largo and all evil. Art by Derwin Silamaya Suhali.

Honeycat today is all fashion savvy with her cream trenchcoat and red scarf, but at one point she was supposed to wear a purple and pink variation of Spycat’s costume. And she used to have a facial mole above her lip too! Art by Darren Lim.

Pencil sketches of Honeycat with more human-like proportions. Art by Derwin Silamaya Suhali.

Different designs and colour schemes for Honeycat. We’ve got everything from frilly skirts to slick gloves in a variety of eye-popping colours! Art by Derwin Silamaya Suhali.

Different designs and colour schemes for Honeycat. These designs range from the outdoorsy to the schoolmarmy! Art by Soh Yu Xian.

Colour-coordinated outfits for Honeycat and Spycat, presented in different head-to-body proportions. Art by Fung Chun Hong.

Silhouette thumbnails for the Dogbots. Give yourself a round of applause if you spot a familiar-looking design. Art by Soh Yu Xian.

Drawing insipiration from trucks! Art by Soh Yu Xian.

This model sheet shows a Dogbot design that is pretty close to the one used in the film. Art by Soh Yu Xian.

We never see Ashley from above her waist, so her lower half is all we have to identify her with! This early design has her wearing a nightgown and bunny slippers. Art by Darren Lim.

As Ashley is a minor character, we didn’t want to spend too much time fiddling with cloth simulations for her nightgown. A costume change was in order, and Ashley switched to a pair of pyjamas and koala slippers. This was eventually updated to the striped leggings and bear slippers featured in the film. Art by Darren Lim.


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