Spycat at Sehsüchte 2012

Spycat and the Paper Chase made its second appearance in Germany at the 41st edition of Sehsüchte, Europe’s largest international student film festival! The festival was held from 24 to 29 April 2012 in Potsdam-Babelsberg, and we are really honoured to have been a part of the festival’s Children’s Films programme. Pics below!

Thalia Programm Kinos – this quaint cinema was the screening venue for all the films shown in the festival week.

Hundreds of excited schoolchildren throng the Thalia cinema foyer. © Sehsüchte, 2012

Honeycat tells a captivated audience that Captain Chico has gone barking mad! We were part of the festival programme Children’s Films 1, which took place at Thalia 1 on Wednesday, 25 April 2012. The film was dubbed live in German.

The films were followed by a Q&A session for the filmmakers. © Sehsüchte, 2012

Children waiting eagerly for their turn to have their questions answered. © Sehsüchte, 2012

Stay tuned for more Spycat news, Spycat fans! Details of our upcoming screenings in Singapore and Australia will be available really soon.


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