Catch Spycat in Potsdam!

Our feline friend’s back in Germany – this time at Sehsüchte 2012! We’re honoured to be a part of Europe’s largest international student film festival, which is now in its 41st edition.

You can watch Spycat and the Paper Chase in the festival program Children’s Films 1 (Kinderfilmblock 1). The film will be dubbed live in German, and yes, entrance is free!

Children’s Films 1 (Kinderfilmblock 1)
Thalia Repertory Cinemas (Thalia Programm Kinos) – Thalia 1
Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Spycat and nine other films will be competing for Best Children’s Film. As to which film takes home the prize, well, the decision lies solely in the hands of the children in the audience! How cool is that?

The Sehsüchte 2012 festival program can be found here. For more information on the festival, do visit the Sehsüchte 2012 website and their Facebook page.

Here are some links about our screening at Sehsüchte 2012:

Children’s Films 1
Spycat and the Paper Chase Catalogue Reader

German (Deutsch)
Kinderfilmblock 1
Spycat and the Paper Chase KatalogLeser 
sehsüchte Kinderfilm
Kulturportal Brandenburg
Himbeer Berlin
Förderverein Deutscher Kinderfilm e.V. 


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