Spycat goes to the United Kingdom!

Spycat and the Paper Chase participated in the inaugural Student Film Festival London, which took place at the London College of Communication (LCC) from 3 to 5 February 2012. We were part of the programme Competition Shorts Block 2: Eclectic Mix, a collection of 9 films that covered a range of diverse genres and styles.

Around 40 people attended our screening at LCC’s Podium Lecture Theatre – not too bad for a Friday screening at noon, we think! This was followed by a Q&A session and our (extremely jetlagged) event representative, Darren, was there to talk about the film and meet some new Spycat fans.

The closing night award ceremony was held at the Apollo Piccadilly, where over 80 films competed for awards in multiple categories. Spycat didn’t pick up any nominations or awards that night, but it’s said that ‘every dog has its day’, and we’re certain that it applies to cats too!

Keep watching this space for more Spycat updates in the days to come – we’re happy to be sharing our journey with you.  In the meantime, keep yourself busy with some really excellent work by the other ‘eclectic mixers’… you can check them out via the links provided below!

Das Kartenspiel by Klara Plainer
Hurdy Gurdy by Daniel Seideneder & Daniel Pfeiffer-Widmann
Synkro – Look At Yourself by Chris Shen
Ainult Meie Kolm by Giampetro Balia
The Scaffold by Peter Huebelbauer
Kursdorf by Michael Schwarz
Under the Surface by Amanda Brent
I Am Cereals – Galaxy by Mirjam Baker & Michael Kren


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