Spycat goes to China!

Early last month, we received news that Spycat and the Paper Chase had been nominated for Best Overseas Student Work at the 2011 (11th) Sichuan TV Festival’s International ‘Gold Panda’ Awards for Animation! A total of 1215 animated films from over 50 countries competed for accolades in 17 categories.

The 2011 (11th) Sichuan TV Festival was held in Chengdu, China from 11 to 13 November 2011. We were invited by the festival organisers to attend the awards ceremony on 12 November 2011, so we sent Darren and Yu Xian as our representatives for the event.

Darren and Yu Xian were accompanied by Vincent Goh, our senior from Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, Design & Media. His film, Harvest, was also nominated for Best Overseas Student Work. You can check out Vincent’s website here.

Here are the jury’s comments for Spycat, which were featured in the festival catalogue.

Three-dimensional techniques are used in the animation to present a design of planar color blocks. The colors are pleasing, and roles’ actions are smooth. The cat’s experience in its dream sets off the children’s colorful real life.


Spycat did not pick up an award that day, but we were pleasantly surprised to find a snippet of our film in the Sichuan news! Check out the video below, we make a short appearance at around 0:27!

Here are some photos from Darren and Yu Xian’s trip.

The awards ceremony took place at the Radio and Film College of Chengdu University of Technology.

Sichuan cuisine is famous for its spiciness, so it’s no surprise that the festival’s mascot is a chili pepper!

The audience stands are filled with college students.

Yu Xian and Darren waiting for the ceremony to begin.

The stage!

Three pandas (which look suspiciously similar to Po from Kung Fu Panda) perform martial arts moves alongside the awards ceremony’s title sequence.

The emcees for the awards ceremony. There’s a Powerpuff Girls tribute going on there with the men’s blazers!

Vincent, Darren and Yu Xian after the awards ceremony.

Darren and Yu Xian also attended the International TV Program Market held at the Convention and Exhibition Center in Century City, Chengdu. The trade floor was filled with exhibitors selling everything from television programs to auditorium equipment! The main highlight was a Sony mini-theater which continuously screened movie trailers and short films in 3D.

Giant panda balloons and Chinese lanterns float outside the convention hall.

Entrance to the International TV Program Market.

Television programs from China, Hong Kong, the Philippines…

…and even Singapore! Kampong Ties is currently showing on Mediacorp Channel 8.

Panda mascots were present to entertain the young ones.

Yu Xian and Darren have a ‘red carpet moment’.

The travellers also found some time to explore Chengdu!

A pair of idle pandas munching away on bamboo at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

Who knew pandas could climb trees!?

Vincent has his eye on some ‘bing tang hu lu’ (冰糖葫芦, candied Chinese hawthorn).

Yu Xian bites into guo kui (锅魁, flour pancake).

Darren and Yu Xian at Tianfu Square.

Here are some external links which will give you further information.

Sichuan TV Festival official website

In English:

Catalogue Entry for Spycat and the Paper Chase on the Sichuan TV Festival official website

Index Listing for Spycat and the Paper Chase on the Sichuan TV Festival official website (We’re on page 18!)

List of nominees for the 2011 (11th) Sichuan TV Festival International ‘Gold Panda’ Awards for Animation

In Chinese:

最佳海外学生作品提名奖 – 密探猫之保护纸制品

提名奖节目介绍文章列表 (请阅读第18页!)


That’s all for this post! Keep watching this space for more updates on Spycat and the Paper Chase.


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